J&D Life Chef’s Basting Set Silicone Oil Brush Ks14

Great not only for dishes but the environment too! Durable silicone brush. Microwave safe glass jar. Dispenses evenly. Eco friendly. For more healthful cooking! Apply an even coat of sauce, oil or marinade to any dish with the Silicone Basting Brush Set. Pour the desired liquid into the glass jar, then pinch the squeeze top handle to moisten applicator brush.

The silicone basting brush is great on pans, pastries meats and more. After use, easily clean the baster or use for your meal.

use it with Oil, Wine & Sauce for Pastries, Meat, Fish and Vegetables - perfect to marinate your food. Just pour what you need & store the rest! - Bottle Brush Baster for BBQ. Bonus

Dishwasher safe! Use it for lightly or heavily covering a frying pan, sautéing your food, making that cupcake, muffin holder or baking sheet even MORE non-stick or work it right at the BBQ. Best selling kitchen tool in Italy and Japan! . Buy one or buy several - these fit so many different needs. A new, hot selling item in the USA.

Use code ntf26q45 for $2 off through september 17, 2015 or until all products sold! Marinating your meat/fish/vegetables with too much or too little flavoring? Use our brush bottle and you will not over-sauce or over-oil your food again. Manufacturers Warranty included. Buy your oil and sauce bottle brush Today! Because it is made from highest quality, food grade silicone, you will not be disappointed.

This kitchen tool puts you in control to apply just the right amount of flavor for your special dish. Have you ever used an oil spray or sauce dispenser that clogged? This bottle brush does not clog, you will be able to use it over and over for your cooking needs! All the parts are removable for easy use & easy cleaning.

Perfect for use in your home kitchen and in restaurants. Anti-rusting, non-stick, eco friendly and unbreakable! They are eco-friendly, non-stick, non-toxic, tasteless and dishwasher safe! Best Selling kitchen tool in Italy and Japan. This kitchen utensil must-have is multifunctional - pour and use, let the container store the sauce/oil for later.

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