Mars Professional Mane and Tail Wood Pin Brush for Horses, Wooden Pins, Wooden Handle, Made in Germany

Mars Coat King 99M-382 - Professional grade, German-made horse and mane brush. Solid construction and durability. The brush handle is made of solid wood as well and is designed to last. 105" length. Each row on the brush has a series of 9 real wooden pins to help detangle the hair. Constructed to last for years. This paddle brush is professional grade horse grooming tool.

Soft rubber pad for flexibility and pins are made from real birch wood; birch wood handle. This brush is designed specifically for horse tails and manes. German quality & engineering; manufactured in Germany.

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Mane 'n Tail Detangler ElIMINATES TANGLES & KNOTS 32 Ounce Sprayer

TV Non-Branded Items (Pets) 544826 - Helps achieve and maintain longer, healthier manes and tails. Keeps hair manageable for grooming, just spray directly onto hair until enough product is on the hair to create slip. Friction-free slip for reduced grooming damage. Keeps hair manageable for grooming and braiding. Conditions and fortifies hair strands.

Friction-free slip for reduced grooming damage, conditions and fortifies hair strands. Work in with fingers throughout the entire hair until tangle-free. Do not rinse out. Works effectively on wet or dry manes and tails.

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