Horse Scene Brush for Horse & Equine 2-PACK

Damron International - This 2-pack of horse scene face grooming brushes for horse & equine sits on a 5" easy to grip rubber base with a super cute micro-mural of a horse trotting in a lush, green pasture. Beautiful horse mural Handle Horse Lovers of All Ages Will Enjoy. Gold bristles with black trim around the edge of the handle.

Ez-grip rubber handle makes it Easy to Hold & Grip Even When Wet. Ideal for removing dirt & debris from around the facial area, it's easy to grip rubber handle makes it easy to use even when wet. 5" l x 1. 5" w x 1. 75" h. Soft gold bristles are ideal for Removing Dirt & Debris From Facial Area. Measures 5" L x 1.

Horse Scene Brush for Horse & Equine 2-PACK - 5" w x 1. 75" h 5" brush handle / 4. 5" brush Head.

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